What Are The Current Formula 1 Driver Standings?

This season has been nothing short of spectacular, with drivers pushing their cars on some of the world's most challenging tracks. From dramatic overtakes to strategic masterstrokes, every race has contributed to a spectacle for passionate followers of F1. Fans around the globe have been closely following each event, eager to see who will emerge as the top contender to the World's no.1 driver - Max Verstappen.
At StavesArt, we aren’t only makers of high-quality, eye-catching artwork, we also love Formula 1! We have been following this season closely, so if you want to catch up on the current driver standings, or just want a refresher for who’s where, we’ve put together this guide just for you!

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Current Top Drivers

In the current Formula 1 season, the competition has been exceptionally fierce, with drivers from various teams showcasing remarkable skill and determination.
Leading the pack is Max Verstappen from the Netherlands, representing Red Bull Racing Honda. With a staggering 524 points, his dominance is a testament to his exceptional driving skills and the superior performance of his team. A distant second is teammate Sergio Perez from Mexico, who has accumulated 258 points, demonstrating remarkable consistency and skill, making him a formidable presence on the track.
British driving legend Lewis Hamilton, racing for Mercedes, is holding onto third place with 226 points. His experience and prowess continue to shine, keeping the competition for funner up fierce and demonstrating why he is one of the greatest drivers in F1 history.

Chasing Pack

In the dynamic and highly competitive world of Formula 1, the chase for the top positions is fiercely contested by a group of skilled drivers, each bringing their unique strengths and strategies to the forefront. Among these, Fernando Alonso from Spain, driving for Aston Martin Aramco Mercedes, has been a significant figure. Alonso, a seasoned veteran in the sport, brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of race dynamics. His performance this season has been a blend of strategic brilliance and exceptional driving skills, often turning challenging situations to his advantage. 
Lando Norris, representing McLaren Mercedes and hailing from Great Britain, contrasts Alonso with his youthful energy and fresh approach to racing. Norris has quickly become a fan favourite due to his daring driving style, combined with a remarkable ability to stay cool under pressure. His performances have been consistently impressive, showcasing his growing maturity and potential to be one of the future stars of Formula 1. Carlos Sainz of Spain, driving for the iconic Ferrari team, is another strong contender in the chasing pack. Sainz has demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt to different race conditions and challenges, showcasing his racing acumen and persistent efforts. His performances have been key in keeping Ferrari competitive in the constructors' standings.

Mid-Field Competitors

In the competitive milieu of the Formula 1 mid-field, the intensity and skill exhibited by the drivers are remarkable, with each race presenting a new set of challenges and opportunities. Leading this fiercely contested segment are Charles Leclerc from Monaco, racing for Ferrari, and George Russell from Great Britain, representing Mercedes. These drivers have consistently demonstrated that they possess the skills and determination to compete with the sport's top contenders.
Charles Leclerc has been a standout performer for Ferrari, showing a blend of aggressive driving and strategic finesse. His ability to extract the maximum performance from his car, coupled with his aptitude for handling high-pressure situations, makes him a formidable opponent in every race. Meanwhile George Russell, racing for Mercedes, has been equally impressive with his consistent and strategic performances. Russell's approach to racing combines a methodical understanding of his car's capabilities with a keen sense of timing, allowing him to make the most of every opportunity on the track.
In the same mid-field battle, Australia's Oscar Piastri, racing for McLaren Mercedes, and Canada's Lance Stroll, representing Aston Martin Aramco Mercedes, have been making significant strides. Piastri, a relatively new entrant in the world of Formula 1, has shown remarkable potential. Lance Stroll, on the other hand, has continued to develop and refine his skills, proving to be a consistent and reliable driver for Aston Martin Aramco Mercedes. Stroll's ability to handle challenging track conditions and maintain composure in the heat of competition indicates a maturing talent, poised to make a more significant impact in the coming seasons.

Further Down the Order

In the lower half of the standings, Pierre Gasly (France) from Alpine Renault and Esteban Ocon (France) from the same team are fighting for every point. Alexander Albon (Thailand) from Williams Mercedes and Yuki Tsunoda (Japan) from AlphaTauri Honda are also noteworthy competitors.
Gasly and Ocon, representing Alpine Renault, have demonstrated skill and tenacity, often punching above their weight. Albon and Tsunoda, with their own unique driving styles, have added depth to the competition, showcasing the diversity of talent in the sport.

Struggling for Points

Valtteri Bottas (Finland) from Alfa Romeo Ferrari and Nico Hulkenberg (Germany) from Haas Ferrari are among those struggling to climb the rankings. Daniel Ricciardo (Australia) from AlphaTauri Honda and Zhou Guanyu (China) from Alfa Romeo Ferrari are also in this group, along with Kevin Magnussen (Denmark) from Haas Ferrari.
Bottas, a veteran of the sport, has faced challenges this season but continues to fight for every point. Hulkenberg, Ricciardo, Zhou, and Magnussen, each with their unique strengths, are in a relentless pursuit of improvement, demonstrating the resilience and determination required in Formula 1.

Bottom of the Standings

At the bottom of the standings, we find Liam Lawson (New Zealand) from AlphaTauri Honda, Logan Sargeant (USA) from Williams Mercedes, and Nyck De Vries (Netherlands) from AlphaTauri Honda, all still striving to make their mark this season.
Lawson, Sargeant, and De Vries, though at the bottom, represent the next generation of F1 talent. Their participation is crucial for gaining experience and exposure, setting the stage for future successes in their careers.

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