Spring Cleaning!

New artwork Refresh Spring

Ben’s taken a bit of time off drawing new pieces to give a bit of a spring clean to some of his older ones.

Anfield, home of Liverpool FC has had a new stand opened recently.  Ben anticipated this on his “Home or Away – Football Grounds of Great Britain” piece and drew in the new stand before it was finished.  Anfield though has only had the new stand finished on the drawing in the last week or so!

St James’ Park has also had a bit of a revamp.  For those of you that don’t know, Ben’s drawings are done with a pen.  The colouring is done afterwards with some computer wizardry or other.  Anyway, I don’t know if he’s just been practising or got a new bit of kit, but he’s redone the colour on St James’ Park and you can now see the odd shadow that is cast across the ground on sunny days.

Finally, Elland Road, home of Leeds United has had a bit of a re-colour too.  Let’s hope Leeds. Leeds, Leeds are playing at Elland Road in the premiership next year.

On the pub front, York Pubs has had the pub signs redone with a pen so they are a bit clearer and Chester Pubs has had a pub renamed, not because its been renamed in reality but because he got it wrong first time round and, after about 3 years, somebody has pointed it out!

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