Architecture Art For Your Home

Are you looking for stunning and unique artwork for your home? Tired of the same old drab copies of artwork available elsewhere? For beautiful artwork inspired by architectural design, StavesArt is excited to share with you our City Spiral collection! Every single piece in this collection has been crafted with an artistic expression to represent the Western architecture seen across the UK so you can find the perfect City Spiral for you!
The towns and cities within the UK have some interesting historical buildings that are captured in many classical artworks, but we can promise you've never seen anything like this before! The architectural style on display in this collection is both aesthetically pleasing and showcases a unique artistic style that is sure to be the centrepiece in any home!
For more information about StavesArt's City Spiral collection, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the team today! We can't wait to hear from you!

Fusing Architectural Design with Fine Art

One of our favourite things about our City Spiral collection is that its both art and architectural works combined into a beautiful result that is really different to anything else you'd find on the high street. While the natural world is gorgeous and the fine arts are full of floral patterns, animals, or even intricately painted people, these works of art are so common place in the home that they wind up blending in with the decor and not really making a statement - an issue impossible to encounter when you choose a City Spiral!
StavesArt believes you should express your creative freedom, and these City Spirals are excellent for any room in the home, creating a fascinating centrepiece in any bathroom, kitchen, or living room! The work in this collection comes in a range of sizes, so we're confident you can find the perfect decor piece for you!

The Benefits of Choosing Our City Spirals

In the art world, there are many different tastes and expectations when it comes to art work, which is what makes it so interesting! Everyone has their opinion on what constitutes art or classed as high art forms. That's why we're confident that our offerings will tickle your fancy! There are many benefits to taking a three dimensional physical construct and translating it onto a flat print, including:
Aesthetics: Art inspired by architecture strongly complements built environments that enriches the space around by adding layers of visual interest to architectural spaces.
Concepts: Architecture art can tell a story and offer critical perspectives on architectural achievements, social issues, and cultural phenomenon.
Psychological: The visual impact of well crafted architectural artwork can have a positive impact on the mood, especially more appealing abstract pieces.
If you would like to find out more about the benefits of our City Spirals, please don't be shy and reach out to us via social media, or come on down to the Shambles Market in York every Monday, Friday, and Saturday!

Why Choose StavesArt?

There are many reasons our customers come to StavesArt time and time again for any of our collections, which includes our City Globe Art and Sporting Worlds. Not only do we put the quality of our work before everything else, but we can guarantee that each of our collections is totally unique while also all being excellent additions to your home! Some of the reasons our customers come to us includes:
  • Unique Artwork at a Fair Price
  • Supporting a Small Business
  • High Quality, Hand Drawn Art Prints
  • Makes Stunning Home or Commercial Arts
For more information on the best places to use our artwork, please get in touch with StavesArt today! We're here to help you find the perfect art to suit your tastes and we're easy to reach via social media, phone, or email!
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If you would like to know more about our City Spirals, or any other architectural artwork we offer, don't hesitate in reaching out to our friendly team today! We are proud of the huge range of City Spiral artwork available to our customers, from the Pubs of Edinburgh to the skylines of London(and even Hogwarts), each city is carefully represented with recognisable locations and landmarks. 
For more information on wall art, our blog has a tonne of useful information, including the ways wall art can reflect your interests and whether you should put art in your kitchen!
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