The Wizarding World - Hogwarts (2023) - StavesArt
The Wizarding World - Hogwarts (2023) - StavesArt
The Wizarding World - Hogwarts (2023) - StavesArt

The Wizarding World - Hogwarts (2023)

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Hogwarts Art

The Print That Shall Not Be Named Has Returned! The Hogwarts Globe is back, with fresh colours and even more detail, this Wizarding World artwork is sure to be a firm favourite among the Potterheads!

Whether you're a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff, at Staves Art we're sure every Harry Potter fan can agree that, as far as art prints go, The Hogwarts Globe embodies the feelings of home that Hogwarts students feel looking upon their castle.

We haven't just limited this to the castle however, from the Forbidden Forest, to the Black Lake, this piece is so full of hidden easter eggs, you'd need the Deathly Hallows themselves to find all of them! The perfect gift for a loved one, or a great centrepiece amongst other memorabilia, don't pass up on this stunning, hand drawn artwork! Get in touch for more information!

What Lurks Beyond Hogwarts Castle?

With its turrets and towers, passageways and bridges, the Hogwarts Castle stands out amongst the mountains and forests in Ben Staves' interpretation of this famous magical world. Look out for iconic Harry Potter landmarks and locations such as Hagrid's Hut, Hogsmeade, The Quidditch Pitch and Whomping Willow! Look closely and you'll also be able to find five Fantastic Beasts hidden within the grounds of the castle.

Keep an eye out for the Hogwarts Express, don't be late or else you'll need to take Mr Weasley's flying car!

Perfect for Potter fans young and old, the Wizarding World is available in 3 sizes and comes with framing options too! Our own personal owl post will have your purchase to you in around 3-5 business days.

Perfect For Lovers of The Harry Potter Books and Films

The Harry Potter books are jam packed with amazing details, from Diagon Alley, to the Knight Bus, the Leaky Cauldron, to the Three Broomsticks, it's impossible to deny the well-crafted world weaved between the words. The films brought this vision to life, but between the constant war against Lord Voldemort, the rise of Dumbledore's Army, and wondering why Luna Lovegood keeps talking about Nargles, taking in the details of the background and setting can slip by.

Just like how the wand chooses the wizard, we're sure this artwork will find the perfect home. This piece is designed to do more than get you into the triwizard spirit, rally your fellow Potterhead friends and discover all the secrets hidden within the canvas. Can you find Dumbledore's office? Or what lurks within the darkness of the forest?

We Have Even More to Offer!

If you want to trade out the Quidditch pitch for a football pitch, or change Hogsmeade for a more familiar skyline, we have plenty to offer! Some of our more popular collections include:

Check them out now or get in touch with Staves Art today! If you're looking for something a little bit different, our Las Vegas Globe uses the nighttime lights of the strip to pop!

Get in touch with Staves Art for Magic, Hogwarts Art, and More!

For more information, get in touch with Staves Art! When it comes to producing high-quality, hand drawn artwork, you only need to choose us! Please don't hesitate to reach out today!

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