Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

While there are certainly a lot of people who are fully prepared for the Christmas season in advance, more often than not there are many more people rushing around because they’ve left things until the last minute. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone, and there could be many reasons why you feel behind, from work obligations to lack of funds. 

At StavesArt, we offer a range of high-quality, unique artwork that's great as a last minute Christmas present. Our team has come together to showcase a few of our favourite pieces - ones that we believe would be a great treat waiting to be unwrapped under the Christmas tree! 

Lights Out! Formula One Circuits of Europe

2023's Lights Out! Formula One Circuits of Europe stands as an exhilarating masterpiece for Formula One enthusiasts. This artwork transcends mere representation; it's an artistic journey through the high-octane world of professional racing. The artwork is a symphony of speed and precision, reflecting the pulse-pounding excitement that defines Formula One racing. It showcases a diverse array of famous circuits, each rendered with an attention to detail that honours their unique characteristics – from the sharp turns of Monaco to the long straights of Monza. 

Beyond its appeal to racing fans, this piece is a testament to the art of motion and the beauty of engineering. The intricate design work highlights not only the tracks themselves but also the intricate interplay of light and shadow, creating a dynamic sense of movement that seems to propel the circuits off the canvas.

Home or Away: Football Grounds of Great Britain

Home or Away: Football Grounds of Great Britain is a magnificent ode to the heart and soul of British football, designed to enrapture football aficionados. This artwork transcends the traditional boundaries of sports memorabilia, offering a rich, vibrant journey through the hallowed stadiums of Britain's beloved football scene. Each ground is depicted with an extraordinary level of detail and colour, capturing the unique spirit and atmosphere that make these venues so iconic.

The piece is a celebration of the sport's rich heritage and the deep connection between the clubs and their passionate supporters. It features a variety of stadiums, from the historic grounds brimming with decades of memories to the modern architectural marvels that represent the evolution of the game. 

Our Collections

City Globe Art

Our City Globe Art collection presents an enchanting assortment of city depictions, shaped into captivating globes. These artworks offer a distinctive spherical view of several UK cities, capturing their very soul and architectural wonders. Ideal for admirers of cityscapes and architectural ingenuity, this series stands out for its inventive globe-like portrayal. It's an exceptional choice for those wishing to incorporate a touch of their beloved city into their personal space. 

City Spirals

In our City Spirals range, city vistas are reimagined through a spiral lens, transforming familiar urban elements into a cascade of artistic innovation. Each artwork skillfully twirls city streets and landmarks into an imaginative spiral arrangement. This creative twist introduces a fresh perspective to urban settings, appealing particularly to followers of contemporary art. It's an excellent pick for those desiring to infuse their living or working areas with an unconventional representation of city life. The helical design does more than just depict the cities' layouts; it mirrors the bustling, ever-evolving nature of urban existence.

Sporting Worlds

Sporting Worlds is a vibrant homage to the world of sports. Each artwork in this series vividly brings to life the spirit and vigour of various sports, making them a hit among sports aficionados and art lovers. This collection marries the vibrancy of athletic passion with artistic expertise, creating pieces that are both unique and dynamic. These artworks are not just visually striking; they capture the very heartbeat of different sports, making them a perfect addition to the décor of any sports enthusiast's personal or professional space.

For more options, get in touch with Staves Art today! 

If you would like to know more about the artwork we offer, or simply want to see more of our various collections, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Staves Art today! Our family team is here to help, providing a range of artwork options just for you! 

Are you heading to York Christmas Markets this year? Come visit us! We’re set up and ready to sell right beside Browns until December 10th! Or for more helpful information on the lead up to Christmas, we’re here to help you find the perfect christmas gift in our blog! Check it out now.

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