Italian Adventure

Italy Rome Venice

Summer holidays are just around the corner! I’m off to Italy in 3 weeks. Thought it was about time I saw Pompeii. I went about 35 years ago but I understand they have uncovered a load more and, to be fair, I was probably hungover and not paying much attention the first time round!

Ben hasn’t drawn Pompeii (yet) but he has had a go at Rome and Venice. As it happens Venice is one of my favourite city globes. He has played around with the Grand Canal to give the city a Yin and Yang feel about it. Rome of course is all about the Forum and the Coliseum which Ben has focused on in his globe map.

As well as Rome and Venice, Ben has drawn Paris, Basel and Bruges in Europe. Where are you heading on your holidays and what international city would you like Ben to draw next?

Click here to check out ROME and VENICE.

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