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Is it a week already since I last wrote a blog!? Time flies when you are having fun!

In my case “having fun” is renovating my house which has been an on-going project for the last year or so. The house is important for StavesArt as it’s where we have our printer and our office from where we parcel and post our on-line orders. Apart from the creative work which goes on at Ben’s in North Shields, it all happens here.

Ben’s Uncle Nick lives round the corner and he has been the main man over the last couple of years for doing our printing and posting. Nick used to have a job down South, making teeth of all things, but he got sick of working in a lab, moved to God’s own county (Yorkshire - for those of you who may be ignorant of that fact) and reinvented himself. I’m losing track of the tattoos and piercings that have appeared on him since he moved North and let his hair down!

If you ever visit our stall at York Shambles Market, there’s a good chance you will meet Nick and, if it’s a weekday, you’ll be able to see his other half Clare who sells ladies clothes under the banner “Copper and White”.

If you have a look on our “Upcoming Events” section on the website, you will see we are starting to book some shows which we run in conjunction with the Shambles Market. The first one confirmed so far is at the Harrogate Flower Show 20th-23rd April. As far as the Shambles go, I was there on Saturday and plan to be there again on Saturday 28th Jan. Ben has promised to cover the next couple of Saturdays after that as I’m off to Gran Canaria with his mum – using up some vouchers for flights that never happened because of Covid!
That’s enough for now. I’ll have a picture up date for his football piece next week. (If I put that in writing it’ll make him get a move on!)


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