5 Ways to Update Your Bathroom Decor

Are you bored with your current bathroom decor but you aren’t sure where to start updating it to better suit you? One of the more important additions to the home is the bathroom, and yet it's easy to overlook just how a few well placed furniture pieces or wall art created for bathrooms can impact the overall look and feel of the space. 
Here at Staves Art, we pride ourselves on the high quality artwork prints we provide to our customers, with our pieces looking great in any room of the home; from the kitchen to the bathroom and everywhere in between. To give you inspiration, we have put together this useful blog with some simple changes you can make to create a bathroom that is uniquely you!

Do I Need To Choose a Theme for my Bathroom?

There is no reason why you have to choose a set theme for your bathroom decor, in fact mixing and matching pieces is a very popular design choice, creating an eclectic look that stands out and is completely unique to each individual. However, many home decor specialists suggest that following a set theme makes the decorating process simpler as it's easier to match design elements. 
Whatever you decide to do, it’s completely up to you. If you want a design to match the rest of your home, or you want to juxtapose bathroom artwork with other accessories, the only thing that matters is you create a bathroom that you will love for years to come. For some bathroom decor ideas to update your home, keep reading below! 
artificial plant by bathroom sink

1. Real or Artificial Plants

House plants have risen in popularity as an accessory in the home in the last few years, and they’re a great solution for transforming your bathroom. While artificial plants are purely for aesthetics and require no maintenance, real plants offer some benefits - including reducing the risk of mould growth and some can limit airborne toxins - in exchange for watering and pruning it regularly. 
bright colourful bathroom shower curtain

2. Bright, Colourful Accessories

No matter the colour scheme or theme of your bathroom, you can make certain design features stand out by incorporating bright or colourful accessories to the space. Accessories could include patterned shower curtains, towels or floor mats that stand out against the rest of the colour scheme, or even small accessories like soap dispensers or toothbrush holders, where there are some fun and interesting designs available across the web.
 wall art for bathrooms

3. Modern, High-Quality Artwork

When you think of bathroom wall art, you’re probably thinking of common hanging slogans, phrases, or prints that can be easily found in a lot of homes. However, ditch the sea shells and abstract rubber ducks and consider something more modern and personalised to you. For example, at Staves Art we offer a range of architectural artwork options - including our City Spirals, City Globes and Sporting Worlds. Check them out for inspiration!
wicker bathroom storage solutions

4. Implement Custom Storage Solutions

One of the single most important aspects of bathroom design is keeping it a clutter free space that is still accessible. Some of the common things stored in bathrooms include personal hygiene supplies, home cleaning products, bath towels and sheets, and electrical devices for self grooming. Keep them out of the way by adding storage shelves, boxes, or drawers to your soon to be uncluttered bathroom. 
beautiful mirror and lighting in bathroom

5. Enhance Lighting and Mirrors

Both the lighting and mirrors you have in your bathroom play a crucial role in the overall look of the space. Lights have the power to control the ambience while mirrors can be utilised to make smaller spaces look bigger. To properly enhance your lighting and mirrors, it's important to figure out where the problem areas in your bathroom are. Is the space cramped? A large mirror that’s raised above a vanity or sink and natural light can help. 

Are There Budget Friendly Solutions? 

If you want to update your bathroom, you don’t have to go about getting a whole remodel that can cost a small fortune. By following the steps in our blog, you can transform your bathroom in a budget friendly way - and for even more money saving tips you could also purchase a lot of supplies from discount or charity shops. Many charity shops keep sets together, so chances are you could absolutely find accessories, mirrors, and more that belong together and enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom. 

For more great tips, contact Staves Art today! 

If you would like to know more about bathroom decor solutions, or for other rooms of the home - including the kitchen, living room, or bedroom - get in touch with the team at Staves Art. In addition to providing top quality, unique artwork, we also offer a range of home decor supplies, including coasters, cushions, and cards! Reach out to us now! 

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