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We thought it might be a good idea, over the next week or so, to let you know about the people behind StavesArt. It’s not a huge business so it won’t take too long!

I suppose we ought to start with Ben without whom there would be no StavesArt, or at least not a lot of content! Ben lives in North Shields with his finance Amy, and their Border Collie, Colin (Border Colin – get it?!). Most of the money Ben makes out of his business goes on their mortgage and the renovation of their old house which they bought 2 or 3 years ago.

When he’s not drawing, walking the dog or trying to keep fit (I would add “doing DIY” to that list but we all know who does that), Ben follows the world’s most famous Rugby League team - the Leeds Rhinos! When it comes to football, his dad is a Toon fan so he didn’t really have a choice there. We have had season tickets for the Rhinos since Ben used to stand on a crate to watch the games. If anyone has a spare ticket for NUFC available, please get in touch.

It says somewhere else that Ben trained to be an Architect. What it doesn’t say is that the art business started because, basically, Ben likes an easy life and worked out that selling pictures was easier than working as an architect and, whilst still a student, a lot more fun than working in a coffee shop!

Ben’s dream is to buy a mobile home that can be used as a studio/shop so that he can travel the world drawing and paying his way as he goes! He has travelled a lot already in Europe and the United States and plans to visit the far east on his honeymoon (if it’s ok with Amy).

Until that point he is sitting at home and has returned to the piece he started before Christmas – football grounds of Britain. We thought a little preview may be appropriate so here goes –

As you can see this is what one of his pictures looks like in the early days. Drawn in pencil initially (he rubs out a lot) and very sketchy! I’ll post more pictures over the next few weeks to show how his work builds up.

That’s it for now. Thanks for taking time to read this.



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