Wall Art for Living Room

The Perfect Way to Add Personality To Your Space

Are you looking for high-quality, unique living room wall art? An eye-catching piece can go a long way to pulling a room and its decor together. Here at StavesArt, our professional artist is here to offer our customers a range of beautifully crafted front room wall art options!

Whether you're looking for something that represents your favourite city with one of our city spirals or globes, or you want to show love to your favourite sports team with our sporting worlds collection, we're guaranteed to have exactly what you're looking for!

To find out more about our wall art options, please don't hesitate to contact us today! Or visit us at The Shambles Market in York every Friday, Saturday, and Monday!

Wall Decor For Every Occasion

Living rooms are typically the centrepiece of any home; finding framed art to add style and create a focal point can be tricky, especially when trying to find something that matches your aesthetic.

Luckily for you, we have a variety of art prints suitable for the walls in your home. While our art is excellent for the living room, it's also made to suit décor in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom! So whether you're looking to breathe life into your living space or create your own visually appealing gallery wall with mix-and-match pieces, we have a huge selection of sizes and styles to choose from!

Wall Art Decorating Tips

Here at StavesArt, we have plenty of useful tips to help you make the most of your wall art decorating. Let us help you find the ideal wall art for your living room space, with

Find your muse:

Search for a piece of art that speaks to your soul and makes your heart sing. Let it be the focal point of your room and a source of inspiration for you and your guests.

Colour your world:

Choose artwork that complements the colours of your decor and adds a pop of personality to your space. Consider using bold hues to make a statement or subtle shades to create a calming ambience.

Create a visual feast:

Mix and match different art styles, sizes, and mediums to create a dynamic display that tells a story. Think of it as a symphony of colours, textures, and shapes that evoke emotions and spark conversations.

Hang with care:

Use the right hanging hardware to ensure your art stays secure and damage-free. Choose a method that complements your art style and adds to its charm.

Curate a masterpiece:

Create a gallery wall that showcases your favourite pieces and reflects your unique taste. Experiment with different layouts, frames, and lighting to create a stunning display for your guests.

Balance is key:

Play with symmetry and asymmetry to create a sense of balance and harmony in your space. Mix and match different art styles and sizes to create a visual flow that keeps the eye moving.

Light up your life:

Use lighting to enhance the beauty of your art and create a mood. Play with different types of lighting to highlight specific pieces or create a dramatic effect.

Show your soul:

Personalise your wall art with pieces that reflect your personality, interests, and passions. Whether it's a family photo, a travel memento, or a cherished heirloom, let it be a part of your unique story and add warmth to your home.

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