Living Room Wall Art

Wall Decor to Suit Every Style!

Are you looking for the perfect way to breathe life into the walls of your living room? Don't want to break the bank on expensive decorating supplies? Let StavesArt help! We offer a range of high-quality, intricate artwork prints just for you!

Each of our framed art pieces is carefully created with you in mind, offering a great solution to decorate living rooms, kitchens, and more! Higher quality than posters and less clunky than metal, we're sure our wall art will be ideal for you! At StavesArt, we provide unique artwork from our architectural collections. Have a look at our city globe artwork, our city spirals, or for the sports lovers we have highly detailed sporting world wall art to choose from!

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Personalise Your Living Room with Wall Art!

Adding your own personality to your home is essential. Whether you've just moved into a new rental property or bought a house for the first time, the last thing you want is to stare at blank walls forever. Wall art and a well-decorated living room increase comfort and make it feel much more open and welcoming.

In addition to this, wall art in your living room provides:

  • Ambience: The right wall art can set the tone for a room, creating a specific mood or atmosphere that enhances the overall ambience of a living room.
  • Focal Point: A piece of wall art can be a focal point for a living room, drawing the eye and creating a sense of balance and harmony.
  • Conversation Starter: Interesting or unique wall art can be a great conversation starter, helping to break the ice and encourage social interaction in a living room.

Now you don't need to create a gallery wall to make the most of wall art in the home, in fact, many decorating tips online suggest minimal artwork but consistent styles so that you can come to StavesArt for your bathroom and bedroom wall décor too!

Why Choose Staves Art?

StavesArt is committed to providing you with high-quality, thoughtfully created artwork perfect for your home or office. Our focus on architectural artwork means that our pieces feature easily recognisable locations, buildings, and landmarks that are sure to be conversation starters and enhance the modern look of any space.

There are several reasons why our customers choose StavesArt for their artwork needs. First and foremost, our commitment to high quality is evident in every piece we create. Our skilled artists pay close attention to detail, ensuring that each piece is crafted with precision and care. We use only the finest materials to create our artwork, including premium inks and high-quality paper, resulting in stunning prints that are sure to impress.

In addition to our commitment to quality, we pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times. We understand that sometimes you need a last-minute gift or a piece of artwork to complete a room, and we are here to help. Our efficient production process ensures that we can quickly create and ship your artwork so that you can have it in your hands in no time.

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If you have any questions or inquiries about our architectural artwork, which come in a range of sizes - from small to large - please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us by phone or email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can visit us at the Shambles Market in York. We're available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays, and we'd love to show you our artwork in person.