How to Decorate Your Bathroom Walls

When it comes to interior design, the bathroom is frequently disregarded as an important space. Nevertheless, if you put in a little bit of effort and pay close attention to the particulars, you may turn your bathroom walls into gorgeous focus areas.  
At StavesArt we offer a range of custom made art options, including bathroom wall art options to help with making your bathroom look beautiful and inviting. Our team has come together to create this informative guide, full of  techniques and ideas to help you decorate your bathroom walls and break away from bare, boring basics.
bare wall in bathroom that could benefit from wall art

The Benefits of Bathroom Decor

Bathroom decor goes beyond aesthetics, providing a positive effect on your overall mental health and well-being as well as enhancing your daily routine. A thoughtfully decorated bathroom can create a relaxing environment that helps reduce stress and promotes a sense of tranquillity. Incorporating elements of nature, such as plants or landscapes, can evoke a spa-like ambience.
Additionally, bathroom decor can make your space feel more organised and functional. Utilising storage solutions like shelves or wall-mounted cabinets not only adds visual interest but also helps keep your bathroom essentials neatly arranged.

Sophisticated Panelling 

Sophisticated panelling is an excellent choice for those seeking a timeless and refined look for their bathroom walls. Beadboard panelling, consisting of narrow vertical planks, adds texture and depth to your walls. It works particularly well in traditional or farmhouse-style bathrooms.
Shiplap panelling, characterised by horizontal boards with distinct grooves, offers a rustic charm. It can be painted in a variety of colours to match your bathroom's theme or left in its natural wooden form for a cosy, coastal-inspired look. Panelling can also serve as a protective barrier, preventing moisture damage to your walls while adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Art

Wall art is an effective way to inject personality and style into your bathroom. Consider selecting pieces that reflect your interests or evoke a specific mood. Coastal landscapes, botanical prints, or abstract designs can create a serene and inviting atmosphere.
When choosing bathroom wall art, keep in mind the size and scale of your space. Opt for larger pieces in spacious bathrooms, while smaller pieces work well in compact areas. Framed artwork or canvas prints can be easily hung on the walls, adding visual interest and acting as conversation starters. Experiment with different arrangements and groupings to create a unique gallery wall that captures your individual taste.
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Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors are an essential element in any bathroom, and they can also serve as decorative focal points. Consider opting for decorative mirrors that feature intricate frames or unique shapes to add an extra touch of elegance to your bathroom walls. Mirrors can visually expand the space and enhance the overall lighting, making your bathroom feel more open and airy.
You can create a statement by hanging a large, ornate mirror above the vanity or go for a symmetrical look by placing smaller mirrors on each side. Consider incorporating backlighting for an added touch of drama and ambience. Mirrors elevate the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom walls and provide practicality by allowing you to check your appearance and reflect natural light throughout the space.
wall art hanging in bathroom

Detailed Tiling or Murals

Tiling is a versatile and visually striking option for bathroom walls. Intricately designed tiles can transform your bathroom into a work of art. Use mosaic tiles to create stunning patterns or focal points, such as a decorative backsplash behind the vanity or an eye-catching accent wall.
For those seeking a more personalised touch, murals can be captivating. Murals can depict anything from serene landscapes to abstract designs, allowing you to create a unique and immersive experience within your bathroom. Opt for waterproof and easy-to-clean materials to ensure the longevity of your mural and maintain its vibrant colours.

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