About the Artist




My name is Ben Staves. From an early age I began to develop a passion for drawing; creating imaginary worlds and designing the cities within them. I have always been fascinated by cityscapes and the urban environment and have been fortunate enough to travel across much of Europe and North America, visiting and sketching spectacular cities such as New York, Chicago, Paris and Rome.

I followed my architectural interests by moving to Newcastle Upon Tyne to study Architecture at Northumbria University, before working as a Part 1 Architect at practices based in Yorkshire. I returned to the North East to complete my Master’s degree in 2017.
During this time, I also began to create my own style of cityscape artwork to help support me through my studies. I design hand drawn maps of cities across the UK and beyond, including London, New York, Paris and more, portraying the famous streets and landmarks in an unusual 3D globe style. These heavily detailed maps provide an intriguing and striking take on the city’s skylines.